Monday, May 07, 2007

More Sunday disappointment

I went really deep in the two biggest tournaments today, but busted out short of the real money again. 53/6667 paid $2600 in the Stars million and 33/2350 paid $1500 or so in the Full Tilt 400K. Such a tease to beat so many people and still be so far from the final table. Check it out I actually got my money in with the best hand for once:

I did however win a 4th WSOP main event seat in the $650 satellite on Stars. I got the $1k cash and 10K W$ again. That tournament is such a gold mine. Anyways it would have been a very profitable day except I dropped 3 buyins shortstacking 200/400 pretty quickly. Apparently timex has been killing it lately though so it sounds like I'll be doing pretty well if we ever get around to settling up.

Anyways I now have $15K W$ kicking around. It turns out Stars is letting people buy into some of the prelimiary WSOP events with W$ again this year so I'll have no problem using that. You still have to buy into the events on your own though, they just credit your account with the cash once you send them proof you played the event. This is because of this whole debacle where 3rd party registrations for WSOP events are no longer permitted. This means if you win a WSOP seat you will just be paid the $10K in cash and it's really up to you what to do with it. A lot of people will probably just pocket the money (as they should really), so expect the main event field to be waaaaaay smaller this year.

Let's see what else. I've been doing really well at the 10/20 NL 6-max games with a full stack lately. Being able to play on Party still is so big. In general the games are a lot softer there, though I table select over Party/Stars/Full Tilt and just play the best tables wherever they are. I definitely think there's still a lot of money to be made in the mid-high stakes NL cash games for a solid player, but you've got to put more effort into picking your spots. I have no interest in sitting with 5 other solid regulars and trying to outplay them, there has to be at least one noticably soft spot or several weaker regulars. I think that's about all I've got for today, I'm going to go contemplate why the Sunday majors are so rigged against me.


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