Monday, May 21, 2007

It's becoming a new Sunday pattern

1. Win a few buyins at cash to cover most of tournament fees.
2. Donk out of all the Sunday major tournaments. Get semi-deep in 1 or 2 maybe, just enough to get a little bit of hope up to be crushed.
3. Win WSOP seat in the $650 satellite.

So yeah I have 5 main event seats now. I was doing pretty well in the Sunday million but then I decided to lose every all-in instead of winning them, which was probably a poor strategic decision on my part to go away from what had been working and got me that far. Oh yeah I also blew a massive stack in the Party $530. With 16 players left I had 120K. Average stack at the final table was approximately 50K so I had just an enormous stack. I made the final table with 18K and finished 9th. That sure was fun. Hmm I guess that's about it. I'm starting to get really excited about Vegas, it's going to be amazing. 10 more days.



Anonymous said...

how much was 9th?

5 ME seats? that's SICK!


Anonymous said...

Have fun in Vegas even if it can't live up to the FALLS!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey man, Have fun in Vegas! and 2-3 off suit is the BEST hand you can have :D Take care man. Good luck! and I still want you to say "KING EIGHT MAKE MONEY" at the final table at the WSOP!

- 2/3