Sunday, May 13, 2007

Huge Day!

I had two huge tournament cashes today. First I won the $100 rebuy on Stars for $23K. I got lucky at the right times at the final few tables and won a big coinflip when a shortstack shoved A2, I shoved to isolate with JJ, and gotskillz moved in over the top of me with AKs. I flopped a set and won the huge pot. From there I picked up a couple more hands at the right time and cruised to victory.

My other big score was in the Full Tilt Online Poker Series (FTOPS) event #2. It was a $100+rebuys PLO tournament of all things. I'm not much of an Omaha player, but I've read the PLO section in Super System 2 and practiced enough online and in friendly live games that I'm pretty sure I'm +EV in a big PLO tourney like this with lots of satellite qualifiers who won't rebuy. Also, most people are just really bad at Omaha, and once the blinds get really big it takes most of the skill out of the game, even more so than in Holdem. So I basically just ran incredibly well winning most of my 52/48s and flopping the nuts a lot, which makes your decisions pretty easy even when you play as poorly as I do. One player had all the chips at the final table but I was able to pick up some pots at the right time (including one pretty big suckout) and outlast everyone else. I started the heads up way behind in chips and busted on the first hand. 2nd paid $33K though, my biggest ever online score. Maybe I should play more Omaha or something. I might add some hands from the tournaments later if I get around to it. Trying to explain why I played some PLO hands the way I did could be embarrasing though.



Anonymous said...

congrats watts on the win and second place...railed you for a bit at the FT but work got in the way...


Anonymous said...

congrats Watts, great day.

You playing all the FTOPS events?

Anonymous said...

Fuck you Watson... There I said it


Anonymous said...

good job when are you gonna take me car shopping lol

actyper said...

Wow, good stuff!