Monday, April 07, 2008

Quick update from San Remo

Yo, so I had no luck in the 2K Euro event. In fact it was a complete disaster and I was out before the end of the third level. We ended up staying here an extra night to play Sunday tournaments. I had a few close calls including 5th in the UB $500 for ~$5200 to finish up a little on the day I think. Anyways now that poker is over with ch0ppy and I are heading to Pisa to check out the ol leaning tower and such, and we're also going to spend at least one day in Florence. It seems like most of our friends have already left for Florence but we were behind on the planning with wanting to play Sundays and all. timex is being a biatch though and not coming with us. He's probably just going to head to Monte Carlo early or something lame like that. So I probably won't be posting on here again until I get to Monte Carlo but I'll try to make sure I get some good pictures for the next update. I know I usually slack on the sight-seeing and picture taking so hopefully I can redeem myself a little.


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