Wednesday, December 20, 2006

My biggest online score!

I got myself an early Christmas present tonight winning the $100 rebuy on Stars. I played pretty well (there were some tough spots I'm still not sure about), and got very lucky when I had to. It's a really good feeling when things go right near the end of a big tournament for once. First paid $23K. For anyone trying to keep track I am now out of my downswing and officially a winning player since I got home from Vegas in August. That's always a relief, though I could easily go on another huge losing streak now so I'll try not to get too happy about it. Here is probably my biggest key hand from the tournament. I walk into a huge cooler but draw out huge to vault into contention at the final table.

equity (%)
Hand 1: 42.1556 % { AhKh }
Hand 2: 05.4930 % { AdQs }
Hand 3: 52.3514 % { QcQh }

Anyways I'm not sure what else to say about this right now. I should easily be ranked in the top 100 online players on PocketFives now this week. It doesn't really mean much, but I can't lie a little recognition is nice sometimes considering the amount of effort I put into this silly game. I'm heading home for Christmas break this Friday and I'll be busy until then so you won't see me at the tables for a few days at least. I'd better get some sleep, I have to proctor then mark a final exam all day tomorrow. Back to the real world :-).



Elliot said...

nice score Watts.. congrats on getting out of the hole you dug after Vegas, not that you were ever in bad shape :P

actyper said...

Congrats on your win. Have you sold all your pca shares yet? I might be interested.

Mike said...

Still lots of PCA % left for those interested now that I'm a winning player again :P. P5s didn't rank me this week because Monday/Tuesday scores don't seem to be input yet, I can't imagine I'll be omitted next week now though.

CanadaKev said...

Nice score Watts.
I am definitely interested in 2% or so. Hopefully I run into you on MSN sometime in the next week, then I can ship you some stars$$.
You are money in Bahamas!