Sunday, May 16, 2010


Hello, people of the internet. I've been on the mega tournament grind for the last 9 days and it's been quite a ride. With the SCOOP going on Stars I've been playing incredibly long hours and $10-20k worth of buy-ins at least every day. I've cashed for somewhere in the general vicinity of $120k in that time, which sounds great until you consider my buy-ins add up to roughly that much as well. Today was my biggest score, $50k for 2nd place in the $500 mid SCOOP PLO 6-handed event. It was disappointing to lose heads up especially as I started with a decent chip lead but oh well. Last weekend I finished 3rd twice in the Friday night fight and Sudnay $50+rebuys for a combined $50k as well. I've had a few other close calls in SCOOP events but come up short finishing in the 13th-16th range.

Tomorrow is a huge Sunday with the $10K SCOOP main event as well as several other big SCOOP events on top of the usual Sunday stuff. Hopefully I'll win lots of gold. After SCOOP is over I'll probably be avoiding poker for the most part until the series other than trying to sharpen my mixed games a little. I'm planning to play the $50K 8-game mix championship. Hard to say if I'll have an edge or not but it sure sounds like a ton of fun! Besides, I just play for the glory.


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