Saturday, February 27, 2010

Quick Update!

Let's see what I've been up to since I last posted here. After the $1K rebuy I got 3rd in the $10K PLO and 5th in the $10K Horse at Aussie Millions. They were both only ~25 player fields so the payout wasn't a whole lot but it did make for a very successful series overall. More importantly, it moved me into 9th place on the all-time Canadian tournament player money list:

9th Michael Watson $ 2,654,042
10th Mike McDonald $ 2,627,136

Eat it timex.

After the series ended Tony, Dan, Chewy and I partied for a bunch of days in Sydney then headed to Adelaide for the ANZPT event there. I went deep in that event but busted just short of the money. After that I went back to Melbourne and stayed at Tony and Jarred's place for another week. I mostly just grinded FTOPS and other online tourneys for the week, but I had no results to speak of. Finally, I left Australia last Tuesday and headed to LA for the LA Poker Classic.

Since arriving in LA I've busted the $5k prelim and $10k WPT main event. On Sunday I play the $25k high roller event. People who watch my PokerSavyy videos will have noticed that I haven't made any in a very long time. I've decided to stop making videos there altogether. I basically didn't really enjoy making them anymore and the money was never a big incentive compared to the stakes I play. I want to continue trying to balance poker with other things better, but I still have a lot of poker goals so the time I spend at poker I think is better spent just playing and working on my game.

The only other thing I have to write about is that I've been back on the high stakes PLO grind. As always it's been really swingy and I haven't played that many hands, but I'm currently on a decent upswing so that's happy.


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