Tuesday, April 14, 2009

SCOOP Wrapup

Ok this will be my final SCOOP-related post. I cashed the $10K main event but lost a flip to bust 33rd for $30K. That cash probably put me around even on the series, not a great result by any stretch but 9 cashes is very solid I just didn't run good deep in any of them unfortunately. I also had a 2nd place finish in a Stars $100 rebuy for $22K which was a solid result, but Shaun F Deeb runs too good at final tables for me to close. Next up is the WPT Championship at Bellagio. It will be my first time playing this event but it should be really sick; $25K buy-in, 75K starting chips and hopefully a big field. The turnouts for their preliminary events have been terrible but Bellagio usually gets a crowd for the main event regardless, especially this tournament with it's huge buy-in has always been much bigger than you would expect. so I'm pretty optimistic it'll be a good turnout. I'll be giving the live updates on Twitter thing a try so follow me on there (SirWatts) if you want to read how I'm doing at each break beginning Sunday.

In other news there's really not much other news. I don't really feel like playing a whole lot right now before Bellagio so I probably won't. I'm going to watch baseball (Jays off to an unexpected good start), the hockey playoffs (go habs go!), and hang out with my friends here before I hit the road again. Take it easy homies,



Anonymous said...

just read your post .
One very quick question : Im planning on playing a 1K unlimited rebuy tournament - first time, Im playing freezeout usualy - how many times would you rebuy in case of bad run ? as much as allowed to or would you stop at some point ?
thanks and good luck

Mike said...

I usually just keep rebuying regardless

Anonymous said...

Sweet man, living the life. Yeah, Jays are our surprise hope for T.O., seeing at both the LAFS and CRAPTORS stunk it up this year. Good luck at the 25k. -fellow canadian

Dave said...

Good luck in the tournament. I watch the tournaments on TV and they look pretty intense. I can't imagine what it must be like to play in one of them. Stay patient and try to remain disciplined although both much easier said than done. If I could follow my own advice I'd probably be at the Bellagio with you!