Sunday, October 05, 2008

EPT High Roller Day 1

Just a quick post to update that I made it to day 2 of the High Roller tournament. I have 118K which is roughly average with 14 players left of 86 who started. I did the following skillful things to get my chips:

Cold 4-bet shoved 99 over Barry Greenstein's 3-bet of a crazy Scandi and beat his AA.

Got KK in preflop vs Chris Moneymaker's AA and rivered the K to crack them again.

Pussied out and checked behind the turn with A9ss when I turned a backdoor flush draw against Benyamine when I clearly should have semi-bluff shoved. River the card that makes my flush and also his trips to double up. I don't think I am David's favourite person these days.

We were supposed to play down to 9 but we stopped early at 2am instead with 14 left. Only 9 pay so hopefully I don't bubble and end up changing my flight for nothing. We start up at 1pm local time tomorrow. Once we get down to the final table you should be able to watch a live video stream of the final table with commentary on Not sure when that will start since we ended the day early but check it out, hopefully you'll see me there.



Anonymous said...

plz tid

Anonymous said...

-obv from Wes

Anonymous said...

GL Watts


Adam said...

Watching you right now Watson instead of working. Kick some ass!

Anonymous said...


That crazy Scandi that we were both happy to have at our table was Sami Kelopuro. I didn't know who he was at the time but he is well known for destroying some of the biggest online cash games under the name Lars Luzak and some other aliases.


Tilter said...

Grats on the 3rd!

Anonymous said...

congrats man, finally got the 6 figure score lol.


Mike said...

Thanks guys, on my way home I'll write a report when I get there. 3rd for 241K pounds for anyone that didn't watch!

Colin said...

That was so much more fun than normal tv poker. Wow.

Good job Mike. I'm sorry to say I had to miss the last bit, but that was really entertaining.

Anonymous said...

Nice finish Mike! You headed to NAPC?