Monday, September 22, 2008

WCOOP over, off to London!

I didn't have much luck with my Sunday tournaments today. I managed a couple small cashes but lost a bit overall. I bubbled the WCOOP main event after being a bit unlucky. Things were actually going pretty smoothly for quite a while until this hand happened:

I fought for a little while on the shortstack and then made an aggressive resteal with 44 over some guy that was raising constantly and just way out of line in general. A supertight player behind me woke up with JJ though and by the river I was staring at quads again to bust within 15 or 20 from the money. Tonight I am off to London for WSOPE followed by EPT London. I'll be there for two weeks before returning home for WPT Niagara. First up is the 5K pound WSOPE Omaha event followed by the 10K pound main event and 5K pound EPT main event. It should be fun to get back to playing live again, and I'm looking forward to seeing everyone there as I haven't traveled since Bellagio.



Anonymous said...

That 7 was pretty sick live.


Dave Churchill said...

7's lose you money, aces and tens win you millions, shit luck bro :(

Anonymous said...

On the hand where you got quad Q's...You called a shove pf with QQ but didn't shove your stack in with players yet to act behind you. How come? Thanks.


Mike said...

I think I was trying to trap the BB that hand if I remember it correctly.