Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bellagio Cup Day 3

Well, I had another super sick day at the Bellagio Cup. I was chip leader for most of the day and finished with 2.272 million chips to take a solid chip lead into Day 4 tomorrow. There are 32 players left and we'll play down to the final TV table of 6 players. We played 7 levels today so play went pretty late, so this is going to have to be a quick blog so I can get some sleep. I ran my stack up early in the day by making the toppest pair against Thayer a few times in some medium sized pots and abusing the bubble a little bit to get to 625K after the first 2 levels. After that I basically just played very solid for the rest of the day and was lucky to make a lot of hands. Here are the 2 key pots I played where I got most of my chips:

Hand 1: 4k/8k a1k I have around 700K and open 99 to 22k in EP. A player who seems kind of weak flat calls on the button with around 600-700K and a french player Philippe calls in the BB with around 500K as best I can recall. Flop A93 with two hearts. Philippe leads for 40K and I decide my best way to get action is to call and slowplay here a bit as he's the type to just lead out with an ace here and I don't want to scare him out. Also, this gives the button the chance to make a mistake (such foreshadowing). The button calls. Turn is another 3. Philippe checks and I bet 100K. The button raises to 350K, Philippe thinks for a long time before folding an ace, and I move in. Button calls and shows 34ss. Lucky for me as an ace hits on the river. I had around 1.4M after this hand.

Hand 2: 5k/10k a 1k Peter Costa had raised the previous hand and shown kings or some such monster when everyone folds, and in this hand it folds around to him in the CO and he quickly raises to 30K again. I have A9hh on the button and am considering reraising, but something about the way he raised seems very strong to me. I decide not to reraise but then instead of just folding I ended up calling, which is probably a mistake considering my read. Both blinds call and the flop comes K87 with two hearts. Peter bets 80K, I call, and both blinds fold. The turn is the 6h. Peter checks and I bet 160K which he calls. The river is a blank, he checks and I bet 400K which he eventually calls. Someone told me he apparently had KK here which I'm inclined to believe. After this hand I was up to around 2.2M.

After the day was over I did a couple quick interviews with WPT and CardPlayer which you can find on the respective websites. I was named the "Blue Diamond Almonds bold player of the day", which earns me free almonds for the year, one package per week. I am uncertain what is particularly bold about making the nuts a bunch of times and getting paid off, but I do like my almonds so I kept my mouth shut about that. Ahaha I just realized I "made the nuts" one more time even after the day was over! ahahaha. I just found that way too funny I clearly need to get some sleep. Night y'all,


Oh yeah updates over on, I guess now too, and I'll be phoning them in to as well on breaks.


Neil said...

Keep up the good work. Congratulations on getting the nuts n+1 times.

All the best,

actyper said...

Ship me a bag of almonds please! :)

GL on day 4!

tilter said...

you sir are a comedian, gl :)

Wes said...

Ship it one time!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Gooooooooo Watts!

gl gl gl

Free nuts all year? Everything else is just a bonus then at this point!


Elliot said...

goooooooooooooo gogogogo

Anonymous said...

Put a big cigar in your mouth, like your avitar, that way you can tilt them, or dress like a sad kitty and they will be on Super Tilt, now a sad kitty smoking a cigar... now that would just be silly :P

Anonymous said...

Don't look now, but EPT Grand Final Champion Glen Chorny has vaulted himself into second chip position behind Mike "SirWatts" Wattel

sick sir,gl

Colin said...

Picturing a severely underslept Watson cracking up at the the realization of this joke really made me smile. I'm sure it didn't actually happen the way I imagine, but that hardly matters.

Flying J said...

Bring home the ring (to Waterloo) Also, don't bring $ in a knapsack, take a cheque. See you on TV.
GL. Flying J

Elliot said...