Sunday, November 04, 2007

Foxwoods $2K NL Day 2

Sigh I busted 7th for $22K. I basically just did my shortstack thing for a while and amde the final table with a whopping 87.5K in chips, easily last. Then I finally got dealt some hands and won some big pots with KK twice to get as high as over 600K in chips putting me in 2nd/7 place. Then lost K8<85s against the microstack and restole A7s over a CO raise from an aggressive player and he called with JJ and held on the JcTd5cQh9s board. Now I had like 200K left and with 44K in the pot preflop I had to open shove J9o in the SB and run into AQs. Sigh, 7th for $22K. When I finally got chips I figured I'd probably win. Oops. Anyways $5K tomorrow and $10K Wednesday. I'm pretty exhausted so I don't really want to go into any more detail about today right now. O ya Steve finished 12th when tight players kept randomly picking up monsters after he raised their blind.


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Anonymous said...

Mike, good luck in the ME TID.