Thursday, October 25, 2007

New Car, WPT Niagara and TwoRags

Hey all, I ended up going with the Mazda3 Sport I looked at and managed to get everything taken care of in time to drive it up to Niagara for the WPT here. Maybe I'll post a picture at some point I don't have any on my laptop atm though. I'm definitely very happy with the purchase so far. Anyways I'll be playing Day 1A tomorrow, I'm not sure if anyone will be following me online. The guys at PocketFives Live might keep an eye on me. Otherwise, I'll be blogging at the end of the end of the day, which will hopefully be more than 2 hours after it starts this time.

Also, I'm now cross-posting this blog over at TwoRags. A lot of my friends blog there and it seemed like a good way to get more people reading this and also hopefully to help get them some traffic as well. The guys over at TwoRags have set up a phone number I can call and give live updates throughout the day, and they'll post them on my blog on that site, so I might try that out if you want to check over there. OK Steve just got here, gonna watch some TV and crash a little earlier than usual so I'm fresh tomorrow. Good luck me,



Fuel55 said...

Mazda3? Splurger ....

Anonymous said...

gl mike from nfld


Anonymous said...

Gl Mike from another former teammate :)


(P.S. Poppy says Way to Fire!!)

Anonymous said...

as for the car.

add a 7 after the 3 and replace the "Mazda" with a G.

Mazda3 becomes G37.

that is the car you should get next.