Monday, April 23, 2007

Nice Downswing

I'm not sure of the exact number because I don't know how timex finished the week, but I think I lost like a billion dollars or something this week. Actually, timex may have carried the team enough that I only lost like 50K. It's funny because my account is down a lot more than that due to shots at a juicy 500/1000 NL cap game where I owned only a small % of my own action. Basically, David Benyamine put a series of brutal suckouts on me Monday night and took like 60K off me, but only like 20K of that was my action. At the end of the night timex had to ship me 84K because a lot of the money I lost has his and he had a big winning night at 2/4.

Then Friday night I put up a nice -70K at 2/4. So timex will prboably owe me another big transfer next time we settle up unless I start running good again soon. Anyways, the regulars in those games seem to be adjusting better to us now so we'll probably have to be a little more particular about when we decide to play, we'd gotten a bit slack and just started playing all the time because we were running so good. I didn't play a lot of donkaments yesterday because I was in terrible shape after Saturday night.

We went to Fallsview in Niagara for mine/my buddy's birthday. The theme of the night was the Entourage episode where they go to Vegas. If you don't watch the show you prboably should. Anyways, the night was an overwhleming success and we partied like movie stars for a night. I obviously volunteered to take care of the high stakes blackjack scene, and luckboxed $1300. It was fun to be the drunk fish who doesn't really know what he's doing but simply can not lose for a night. So I bought a bottle of Dom P for the entourage at the club. While it definitely wasn't part of the plan, the night ended with us being involved in an altercation at the club and getting the boot, just like in the Enourage episode. Since no one was hurt or anything we were actually quite pleased with that result.

Here's a funny graph. Since half the downswing comes from 500/1000 where I had only a small % of the action I'm actually still up quite a bit over this period.



Anonymous said...

If you look closely, you can actually see the hand where you lost 30k to phil ivey.

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great article. I would love to follow you on twitter.