Friday, March 02, 2007

February graph

I dunno what to say about this graph... I wasn't even sure if I wanted to post it because it's such a ridiculous shameless brag. Anyways... when you move up limits and run hotter than ever I guess this is what happens. The 45K rush at the end was all last week. Yeah, I know....

What's the secret you ask? Mostly this:

Sometimes this on consecutive hands shortstacking:

Sometimes you see a fish sitting down when you're shortstacking 25/50 so you get your underage friend to take half your action so you can take a shot. Then you obviously end up flipping coins for $9K with a different guy on your last lap after the fish left (I guess he coulda folded the flop but it was kinda clear the money was probably going in regardless after the preflop action).

Oh and try not to get outflopped and pay off the guy very often, who's been reraising you every hand so you put a jillion bets in preflop with AQo like your name is Grimstarr (2+2/BBV inside joke), but then still be up a buy-in at the table:

Finally a detailed strategy post!



Anonymous said...

Nice run about the thesis though? =D


Rob said...

Now I know how to play Aces pre-flop. And knowing is half the battle.

Yo, Joe!!

Dave said...

The sad thing is i still owe you $100