Monday, October 16, 2006

Sunday just isn't the same

No Party Million and no Dise 150K were the major differences. Since Bush signed the bill into law on Friday the online poker world has changed. Party seems to be surviving at least, but they've moved around their entire tournament schedule to try to cater to European players more, so their big tournaments are at different times than everyone else. Dise looks to be almost dead, despite the fact that most Americans are still allowed to play there (but they can no longer deposit). As far as I can tell the only tournaments left worth playing are their flagship 30+rebuys at 3 and 9, but even those have had their guarantees cut in half. However, the other main sites I play tournaments on seem to be doing fine. UB had a small overlay in the 200K guaranteed and full tilt got over 1000 players for their monthly $530 Sunday tournament. Stars had record attendance for their Sunday Million (over 6100 players) and will surely gain the most from Party dropping out. Hopefully the Party cash game fish get over their soon though because despite the fact that I've been killing the 600 NL games lately they're not exactly soft (I've just been running good), usually with 4-5 regulars at every 6-max table.

Speaking of which, I posted a hand on 2+2 and my opponent happened to see the thread and posted the results from his perspective. Basically, he pulled a sick bluff and owned me as badly as I've ever been owned. Pleeease Party fish hurry and get on Pokerstars. The 600 NL 6-max games need you. I have KThh in this hand:

So owned

In the thread he said he thought I folded bottom set. Yes, he knowingly tried to bluff me off of bottom set. People aren't supposed to be doing this stuff at 600NL. Also, I didn't play the hand very well. I was trying to mix up my play by checkraising without a monster for once and yeah, it got me in to lots of trouble. Still, I need to find some way to mix up my play here. I can't have my good opponents folding one pair hands every time I show strength on the flop, or I need to exploit it if they do. NL cash games are so complicated against good players.

Oh yeah as for tournaments I cashed the UB 200K and Full Tilt 500K. I was 4/90 when we made the money on UBafter running the table over on the bubble but two unfortunate hands later I was on the rail with TT running into KK and AQ meeting QQ. ON Full Tilt I was pretty shortstacked in the money and got a resteal snapped off to bust. I might have to ease up on the restealing. I really want to play WPT Niagara, but I've done terribly in almost every satellite I've played. If I actually manage to win a seat now I'll have barely saved any money over just paying the buy-in directly. Apparently they're running a supersattellite next Tuesday so Steve and I are probably going to go up there to play it.That'll likely be my only other shot at this one. Anyways I'm off for now. Later,



Dave Churchill said...

Got balls?

Gotta love when he wouldda lost all his money to a worse player, but he just managed to pick the perfect time... sucks

Mike said...

Yeah... He knew I was a good player because we'd been playing on a couple tables together for an hour or 2 but it's still a pretty crazy assumption to think that I'm going to be able to make the monster laydown. I mean we'd only playted a few hundred hands at this point I think it's not like he'd seen me make lots of big folds before or anything.

GTA....Dave said...

What did you put him on in this hand? I can't see any way to fold there against a fairly unknown player. Top 2 6 handed with no straight or flush draw on the flop arriving on the river...what were you thinking there?

Mike said...

Against most solid players (over ~200-250 hands he had been playing a very solid TAG game) at these limits I'm almost always getting shown a set if I call. He's never mistakenly value betting a worse hand here so it's either a completely insane bluff (since once I call the turn raise he has to know I have a huge hand, since I"m also playing very solid postflop), or a set. Given what I'd seen of his play so far the fold was definitely the correct play. If we had more of a history or if he knew I could make huge laydowns there'd be more of a reason to call, but I'd still hate it. When a good player gets that much money in the pot (we had 200xBB effective stacks to start the hand), he's usually going to have a monster hand to back it up. On the plus side I got some revenge on him yesterday when I bet/3-bet the river all-in with 7-hi and got him to fold.